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The Tile House showroom, located in Garden City, Idaho, is an independent tile showroom showcasing specialty tile vendors. We are excited to assist you in fulfilling your dreams for your next build or remodel of your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, pool and more.

Georgia has extensive experience working with high-end specialty tile manufacturers and showrooms, and opening her own showroom has been a long-time dream.  It was only a matter of timing and location. In January 2022, Georgia was excited to find
there is need to fill in Treasure Valley (and all of Idaho) for beautiful handmade and specialty tile and stone. Georgia cannot wait to share her passion and knowledge of tile!

About Owner

Georgia Stokes

Georgia Stokes, owner of The Tile House, grew up in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, and began her interest in art at a young age by making a 6-foot-tall giraffe in the fourth grade out of chicken wire, paper machete and hand cutting fabric for patterned fur.

Georgia graduated from University of Colorado in Boulder with a BFA in Painting and later received an AA in Product Development from FIDM in San Francisco. After selling high-end women’s clothing, Georgia ran the business side for an interior designer in Los Angeles. She would visit showrooms looking for fabric, tile, and furniture and that is when she realized she wanted to be on that side of the transaction, the selling and educational side.

In 2003, Georgia started her tile career at Mission Tile West in South Pasadena, the premier showroom for tile and stone in the Los Angeles area. Since she had extensive sales and an art background, it was just a matter of learning the technicalities of tile and becoming familair with the vendors, then she would be on her way to success! Selling tile clicks with people or not, and it clicked for Georgia. The learning curve of properly selling and designing tile is long and intensive. Because it is expensive and permanent, being a succesful tile salesperson requires knowledge, confidence, artistry, problem solving skills, and courage.

In 2012, Georgia designed, opened, and managed Mission Tile West’s largest showroom in Costa Mesa, CA. Later, she worked for Artistic Tile in Dallas, TX, as the Showroom Director at Tabarka Studio in West Hollywood, and most recently, Georgia was Senior Designer at Pratt + Larson in Portland, Oregon.