Welcome Walk-in Guests!

We encourage you to come in and experience our tile!
Browsing is the first step!

What can you expect?

  • We are open Monday- Friday, 10am -5pm.
  • Please feel free to take photos!
  • Staff will be available to answer basic questions.
  • Samples are available to check out by filling out a credit card form.

Things to keep in mind…and next steps………

  • Without an appointment, we cannot guarantee that our designer will be available, but we promise to do our best!
  • Please book an appointment to receive our friendly, experienced, and helpful design services with a one-on-one appointment with our designer.

Prep for appointments:

  • Please bring any/all samples of countertop material, cabinets, wood flooring, wallpapers, any other materials.
  • Please bring any plans, drawings, and measurements of the space.
  • Any inspiration images, photos you may have collected
  • Photos of area to be tiled if not changing layout.

Think visual!

We ask that you let us know 24 hrs. in advance if you need to cancel
appointment so then we can re book your time!

We have limited number of appointments per day!